Monthly Archives: February 2013

Stupid Things Smart People Do

Awhile back Quora put out an ebook of the best quora answers of 2010-2012. Being a big fan of the site, I downloaded the book to see what insights I could glean from a compilation of the best the site had to offer. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the ebook was free either. In… Read more »

Suitcase Startup – Raising Financing

I checked back in to see how Chris Bradley was doing with his web show Suitcase Startup and his company Publicate. This week the focus was on raising financing. It was a moderately interesting episode to watch if you haven’t heard many VC’s speak about how they choose who they invest in. Unfortunately, I’d already heard all the… Read more »

Getting Discovered

Facebook Prototype – Conceptional Approach from Fred Nerby on Vimeo. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the pretty girl that is walking down the street or shopping at the mall and is discovered by someone and becomes a world famous model. All she did was go about her life being beautiful and luck just… Read more »

More Coffee Anyone?

The common wisdom out there seems to be that we all drink too much coffee and that we should all drink less of it. I personally, don’t drink coffee everyday, but that’s for personal reasons. I prefer the taste of tea and at the rate I drink beverages, coffee starts to really hit me after… Read more »

Momentum Is Everything!

You know how people seem to see everything in their life through the lens of their passion or career? How engineers want to solve everything analytically, economists want to determine the motivations and rewards that cause people to behave a certain way or how doctors think that medicine can fix any ailment? Well, I must… Read more »

Would You Use It?

Whenever you’re building a company, you should always ask yourself: “Would I use this?” I don’t mean, would you use the product/service if you were your intended target market. I mean would you use this product if you weren’t building it? If you wouldn’t, what makes you think you’re the best person to figure out… Read more »

Third Party Data Security

Security breaches are all the rage these days. It seems there is another one every week. And that’s just the ones we hear about. Speaking of which, ZenDesk announced today that they were hacked and the information of their clients: Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest were all compromised. Apparently, the email addresses of people that had contacted… Read more »

The Magic of the To Do List

There really isn’t any “magic” to a to-do list, but there is definitely power in a to-do list when it is used properly. put out another of their short videos yesterday and I believe that it illustrated this very well. It’s called “How To Hack Your To-Do List” and features David Allen, the author… Read more »

Online Advertising Rates Will Rise

A lot of tech businesses make their money using advertising. That can be problematic because companies seem to prize highly targeted ads a lot more than untargeted banner ads. Before internet advertising, advertisers relied on magazines, newspapers, television, radio and billboards. None of those are highly targeted. They just target the general audience that is… Read more »


Think about the stereotypical used car salesman. Tell me how you feel about him. Do you like him? Would you do business with him if you could avoid it? I’m guessing that your feelings about the used car salesman aren’t so positive. He probably comes across as fake and as someone who only cares about… Read more »