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VC’s Are A Question, Not Necessarily The Answer

Everyone seems to think that the only way to build a great business is to raise outside investment. You know the drill. Build a prototype, gets some angel investment, grow the team and your audience and then raise a venture round with some big venture capitalists. There are a few, but not very many, people… Read more »


I hear a lot of people talk about burnout. That’s a strange term to me. It has a feeling of finality. Burnout is what happens when you get to the end of a candle. So for me, the human equivalent feels like it would have to either be dying or losing your mind. Either way,… Read more »

Week 8 Status Update

I’m going to stick with the quick status update for this week: Exercise: On track Meditation: Losing focus Coding Courses: Slightly behind Paid Writing: On track Editing: On track This Blog: On track Product Development: Behind schedule Parental Responsibilities: On track House Renovations: On schedule Things are going well. Exercise is humming along. I haven’t stepped it up to the next level yet,… Read more »

Create In the Dark, Scrutinize In the Light

I read an article today on discussing how creativity is effected by lighting. They referenced a study from the Journal of Environmental Psychology that was looking into the role of the workplace environment on workplace productivity. In their study, they found that when standard overhead work lights were dimmed, the study participants experienced a higher… Read more »

Startup Engineering Course

I received an email the other day about an online course that I signed up for in January, I believe. The name of the course is Startup Engineering and it is offered by Stanford through I had totally forgotten about it because I signed up so long ago with some guys that I was… Read more »

Week 7 Status Update

This is going to be the quickest update to date: Exercise: Back on track Meditation: Back on track Coding Course: Slightly Behind Paid Writing: On track Editing: Back on track This Blog: Back on track Product Development: Behind Schedule Parental Responsibilities: On track House Renovations: Ahead of Schedule Overall, I’m doing better than expected because… Read more »

PRISM: Bad for US Businesses?

I’ve been thinking about PRISM since the news broke, but I’ve stayed away from commenting so far. I was just amazed at how people reacted to the news. Some people said that if we were doing nothing wrong, then we had nothing to worry about. Others suggested that it was worth trading in our privacy… Read more »

Worth the Risk?

The other day, I stumbled across a blog post by Andy Dunn on Medium called, “The Risk Not Taken.” I’d love to credit where I found the link that led me there, but when I sat down to my computer after a break it was already on the screen. I probably clicked on a link in… Read more »

Week 6 Review

I don’t really want to post this update, but that makes it a good time to do so for many reasons. Updates are only useful if you do them regularly, no matter the circumstances.  Like most people, I like to give updates when I’m firing on all cylinders and everything is on track. Right now,… Read more »

You Need Fresh Eyes!

It’s become cliche to say that you should get fresh eyes to look at what you’re working on once in awhile. It’s cliche though because it’s true. So, I don’t have a problem with the saying, per se. My problem is with the way that people approach the cliche. All too often, I’ve seen it… Read more »