Back It All Up Now!

World Backup DayToday, is World Backup Day. So, back up all your data people! Seriously. You know how people always like to divide the world in half? Well this time, the division is correct. This world is made up of two kinds of people, those that have lost data and those without computers. Whether you have had a hard drive fail or just had a few files accidentally deleted, we have all lost data at some time or another. So, if you haven’t been backing up at least your important files, get on it today.

I recommend backing up all your data to make getting back to work after a failed hard drive much faster. If you refuse to do that, at least backup your important documents, photos, videos, etc. Either way, you should at least make two backups of the data.  One backup should be a local hard drive.  That will allow you to restore your data faster and you control it. The other backup should be offsite. The offsite backup could be a backup solution like Carbonite or Crashplan or even a cloud syncing service like Box or Dropbox. The important thing is that you have a backup that won’t be lost if your house burns down or is burglarized.

If you’re not backing up your data regularly yet, you’re not alone. According to the World Backup Day website, only 10% of people backup their data everyday and 28% of people backup their data even monthly. So, 90% of people are potentially going to lose a bit of data and 72% of people are just reckless. Don’t be a part of the 72%! Be a part of the 10%!

If you enjoy infographics, check the one provided by World Backup Day out after the break.


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