Be Prepared

iStock_000008515543XLargeThe motto of the Boy Scouts is “Be prepared.” Short and to the point. Different people take that motto to heart in different ways. It’s really meant to apply to everything. Some people misunderstand that. You can’t fully prepare for everything. I take the motto to mean to prepare appropriately for the appropriate things. So, while some people think that spending all their time preparing for Armageddon is appropriate, I disagree. I think you should prepare adequately for reasonable expectations of disasters, such as a severe earthquake, tornados, hurricanes, etc. I don’t think you need to put a lot of effort into what you would do if you were the last person on earth. Odds are long and if you were, what would be the point?

What many people don’t think about is preparing for potential opportunities instead of possible disasters. Say adding some extra skills or taking some extra classes in case a better job opens up at your company or at another company that you might be interested in. Or maybe putting a little money aside in case a good investment opportunity comes along, not just in case of an emergency or a lost job. Being prepared could also mean just being aware of what happens around you. If you aren’t paying attention to what is going on, you might miss a casual comment or a situation nearby that could have turned into an amazing opportunity for you if you were just paying attention. It could be a potential job, free tickets to the big game, or a chance to help out your friend’s attractive room mate. If you aren’t prepared, you could lose out. So, pay attention and prepare yourself. No matter what anyone says, we all have a hand in making our own luck.  Make yours the good kind.

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