Catch-Up Weekend

Many armed businessman workingIt’s time for another catch-up weekend for me. That is a weekend where I power through a bunch of tasks that I haven’t been able to accomplish over the past few weeks. You know the types of tasks I’m talking about. Those scores of quick tasks that you never get to because you’re just so busy with other more urgent tasks. The ones that nag at you whenever your mind strays from what you’re working on, making you feel guilty that you haven’t accomplished them.

Well, I’ve decided to dedicate one weekend a month to tackling as many of those as possible. The benefits of this are twofold. First, I get a lot of tasks checked off my list, reducing my guilt.  Second, I get the satisfaction of accomplishing a lot, energizing me for the rest of the month. I’ve tried catch-up weekends in the past and they have always worked for me, but I have never made them a monthly habit. Well, this month will be the first. I’ve added Catch-Up Weekend to my calendar and put it on a monthly repeat. I’ll get an alert the week before, in case I need to shift it a week due to some commitment, but I’ll do it every month.

The plan for these weekends is to look at my to do list and grab the items that have bothered me the most over the past month and plow through them one after another. If I come across something that is new to my list, but has the potential to fall into the same category next month, I’ll knock those off too, if time permits. This month it looks like I have some email correspondence, some website cleanup, two articles I promised to edit for two different people, themes I need to choose and install for two websites and some server work I need to do for the non profit whose Board of Directors, I’m on. I’ll be busy this weekend, but I’ll feel better for getting some of those tasks off my mind. I’m actually looking forward to getting to it tomorrow!

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