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High Efficiency Exercise

As part of my new regimen, I’ve built in daily exercise. This is extra exercise on top of whatever walking I already do. Some people count walking as exercise, but for me it’s just my normal mode of transportation. My goal in my life pivot is to improve myself in the most efficient way possible…. Read more »

More Coffee Anyone?

The common wisdom out there seems to be that we all drink too much coffee and that we should all drink less of it. I personally, don’t drink coffee everyday, but that’s for personal reasons. I prefer the taste of tea and at the rate I drink beverages, coffee starts to really hit me after… Read more »

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is an interesting topic to me because I don’t have an implicit issue with work. I work hard all the time. I’m literally (not hyperbolic use of the term) busy all the time. I haven’t had television at the house for 7+ years and haven’t missed it. We cancelled it because we just… Read more »