Course Change

CompassI’m almost to the end of my third week and I think it’s time for me to alter my course a bit. Learning and building were the most important goals I set out. Unfortunately, since I love writing, writing quality blog posts matters to me. They don’t have to be perfect, but I don’t just dash out my feelings for the day and move on. I want each blog post to provide some insight or piece of knowledge to whoever reads it. Basically, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I respect everyone’s time and if they choose to read a blog post I wrote, I want to make a good effort to ensure that they don’t feel that I wasted time they could have spent much more productively elsewhere.

So, where am I going with this? Simple. I was a bit too ambitious with the blog post a day goal. I’m getting out a blog post a day, but it’s taking more effort than I wanted to expend in that direction. I have a lot of ruminations that I find interesting, but that are either quite difficult to articulate in a concise, cogent manner or are just not relevant to very many people. So, I spend a lot of time tossing out ideas and digging for better ones. That time could be better spent learning.

I contemplated cutting down to 5 days a week and leaving the weekends free, but I thought that I really needed to ditch at least half the articles. That way I would easily be able to find good topics to write about and leave a lot more time to work on courses and building a product. So, that leaves me at my new writing schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For the foreseeable future I’ll only be writing 3 times a week. Talk to you all again Monday

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  1. Shawn

    Just discovered your blog yesterday after seeing a link to it thru Talli’s Twitter. Not sure how I’d missed it before, but I’m pretty good at being oblivious. Anyway, I read back thru most of the archives and also subscribed to it via RSS. (Man, this is really starting to look like one of those spam-bot comments.) I can relate to what you’ve written in this post. I’ve gone thru periods of “forced” blogging, where I tried to post something every day. It never really worked for me. I think everyone has to find a pace that fits their style. So, if three days/week works for you, go with it. Looking forward to what you’ll have to share next week!

    • vansunder

      No worries. I haven’t been promoting the site at all until maybe a few days ago. So, you pretty much caught it right away. I have been posting for quite awhile though. So, if you read through most of the archives, I’m honored.

  2. Isabel

    Sometimes less is better. It is always good to have time to enjoy life…


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