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coworking_directory_wikiFor the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time working from home. I’ve found that working from home provides a lot of advantages. It allows me a lot of flexibility. For example, I can take breaks to handle errands that can’t be dealt with outside business hours or I can take care of my kids when necessary, as long as it doesn’t impact my work. Also, it allows me to move where I work around. One day I can work from my home office. The next I could work at a table in my yard, so that I can enjoy the weather and stimulate my creative thinking at the same time. Also, I don’t have people walking by my desk judging what I’m doing at the very moment they walk by. As long as I deliver high quality work on time, everything is great.

There is a downside to working from home though. Actually, there are multiple. The first is distractions. As long as I’m the only one here, distractions are near zero. When everyone is home though, even with my office being disconnected from the rest of the house, periodic distractions creep in. I’m lucky, due to where my office is located, that the distractions are manageable, but for many people the level of distractions can become insurmountable. The other downside is that it is hard to bounce ideas off your coworkers. Sure, you can call people or message them, but something is always lost in those types of communication. You really want that face to face to see the person’s body language and expressions. Also, for many people, white boards and pieces of paper are easier mediums on which to capture ideas while brainstorming .

That’s why I started looking into coworking spaces. I didn’t know of any in the Monterey area, so I did some research online. During my search, I found the CoWorking Directory Wiki. While it had a pretty large list, it didn’t show any spaces near me. In fact, the closest viable option I found was NextSpace Santa Cruz. A beautiful place, but too long a round trip. It would eat up too much productive time. So, I’m pretty much where I started. The startup I’m working on is still being built from the houses of multiple people and usually separately. We’re going to work on rectifying that, but I would love to do that with a shared space with multiple other startups. That way we can share learnings and expertise and hopefully make all of our ventures that much more likely to succeed. If we can’t get a shared space though, then maybe we can build a virtual shared space with a lot of the benefits of being in the same location. We can…never mind. That’s another business idea and one I don’t have time for at the moment. At the very least, maybe we can come up with a way to meet regularly during a set time using video conferencing. I’ll fill you all in if we reach any breakthroughs in that area.

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