Day of Rest

Relaxing at the beachEveryone needs a day of rest. If you read the bible, God decided that after six days He needed a rest. So, why do we seem to think that we can go on without a break and be fine? Even the most hardcore entrepreneur needs a day of rest, once in a while. Working without a full day of rest occasionally, is a ticket for burnout.

Even though I know that I need to take a full day off periodically to recharge, the days that I do so are usually months apart. That’s not to say that I’m always working on a work project. I’m not. The problem is that when you work full out on a project, you tend to neglect your other areas of responsibility. I’m no different. So, when I force myself to stop working, I usually try to catch up on renovations on the house or repairs around the house. So, that means that I rarely get a full day of rest. Unfortunately, I really need those days to recharge or my battery gets really low.

In the spirit of that, I’m going to take a day off with my son and head for the hills. To camp for a night, that is. He’s of the age now that he can appreciate camping and, for some strange reason, camping doesn’t feel like work even though I’ll still be cooking and cleaning up after the camp site. Of course, I won’t have my younger son there, so there will be no fights to worry about. So, that will make things more peaceful. I’m looking forward to it. It will be a great time and will give me a chance to relax and recharge as well. Did I mention that my youngest wakes up at daybreak and the oldest gets up a couple hours later, if allowed to? Another perk. For both of us, since they share a room. I wish my wife condolences for the one morning I won’t be there to help. I’ll make it up to her later.

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