Try A Different Angle

feet up on deskI’m always searching for new ways to enhance my creativity. I’ve found that looking at a problem from as many angles as possible can be very helpful for that. Taking that approach has helped me to come up with some creative solutions in the past. Another approach that has helped is to step away from the problem for awhile to allow it to percolate in my brain and hopefully lead to a spontaneous, creative solution. Sometimes, I even sleep on it.

Well, according to a study discussed in, the key to boosting your creativity might be lying down on the job. Apparently, lying down increased the ability of the people in the survey to solve anagrams by over 10%. This result seems to be due to the lower production of creativity hindering noradrenaline when laying down. Unfortunately, laying down doesn’t improve math skills as well.

I don’t think that laying down on the job is the answer to all your problems.  If the opportunity to have a brief lay down presents itself and you need a creative solution though, it’s worth a shot.

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