Don’t Get Carried Away

Sometimes, I think that people get way too carried away by themselves or their companies. They come up with a cool slogan or “core value” and then they hammer that home for all it’s worth. It’s almost as if they think that staying true to some ideal or staying consistent with a specific practice, even when it stops making sense, will either inspire their employees or wow the public.

It doesn’t work. People are inspired by companies that produce great products. Employees, investors, customers, it doesn’t matter. Nobody is impressed by slogans or core values. People are impressed by actions and the products or services that are delivered. They don’t care as much about what went into creating them, just that they exist in the world. I’ve lived those empty BS words when I was a consultant. Clients didn’t care about our “synergistic paradigms” or our “best of breed solutions.” They only cared that we delivered what they needed.

Even though we knew that the words were BS and marketing speak, it seemed like the more they were repeated, the more people started to believe them. Maybe that’s truly the point. I never really saw any true benefit from that though, so I question whether or not it had any value. A lot of the verbiage that was used must have seemed either terribly impressive or terribly empty to people. I wonder which it was most of the time.

To see how silly people can get with their “core competencies,” check out this video from Vooza:

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