Entrepreneurs As Storytellers

Chalkboard with story openingI was reading an article on TNW about storytelling and entrepreneurs. It really struck a chord with me because I have always enjoyed telling a good story. Usually, I deliver that story in written form. In the right situation though, I really enjoy telling the story verbally.

While I knew that part of being an entrepreneur involved talking about what your company is doing, the storytelling aspect of it didn’t impact me fully before. I always focused on the need to create a product or service that was compelling and felt that any discussion of your product should merely convey that. What this article made click for me is that when you pitch your company, you’re not really pitching your company. You’re pitching the story of your company.

So, how is that different? It’s just a nuance. It means that it doesn’t matter how compelling your product is, if your story isn’t compelling. The point of the pitch is to catch the interest of your audience. The relationship isn’t that of a movie to a plot summary. The pitch is actually more like a good movie trailer. It piques the interest of the audience to go see the movie.

Your pitch should captivate the audience enough to get them interested in finding out more about your startup.  What that means is that you need to leave out anything that isn’t compelling and focus on the most compelling elements that will help you to craft a story that you can be passionate about and that can kindle the excitement of your audience as well.

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