My First Ten Week Course

studentIn my quest to pivot my professional life, I decided that I need to go back to school. Sort of. I don’t believe that going to a physical school will actually give me the skills or experience I want. The only thing that I think that experience would give me would be a lot of time away from my family, due to the distance from any school of note. Oh and I’d gain one other thing, a lot of extra expenses. Those are two things I don’t need.

What I do need are some updated skills in at least one and maybe more programming languages and some experience developing mobile apps. My past work experience was in configuring enterprise apps and some programming in Visual Basic, JavaScript and a little C. Even that experience was from a few years ago. My recent coding experience from online classes is in Python. I’d like to build on my Python knowledge a bit and I’d also like to get into some Objective C for iOS development.

I’m not crazy enough to think that I’ll get from where I am to where I want to be in a few weeks. My plan is to complete three 10 week quarters of study. Those quarters will be composed of at least one class, some readings that I have selected, some mental and physical exercises and an area of self improvement. Those three quarters will also culminate in the completion of a project, which will be due before the end of the year.

To keep myself on track, I’m sharing what I’m doing with some people I know that I will be accountable to. I’ll check in with them weekly and if I’m behind, they’ll give me a little bit of a kick to get myself back on track. With a program like this with no grades, some method of accountability is key. As a part of that, I’ll post what I’m working on here at least at the end of each 10 week course and possibly more frequently.

My first self directed ten week course is going to be composed of the following at least 5 days a week:

  1. daily exercise
  2. 5-10 min daily meditation
  3. 1-2 hr taking an online course
  4. 2-4 hr building a mobile app
  5. 1 hr blogging
  6. up to 1 hr for an unrelated project
  7. 30 min working on my self improvement area of the week (This week: Focus)

Well, that’s the plan. I’ve already completed 1,2,5,6 & 7 for today. That’s a good start. Now I better focus and try to keep on track. It wouldn’t do to fall behind on Day 1, would it?

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