For God’s Sake, Just Try It!

How many times have I thought it would be cool to do something new or make a positive change in my life? Often, and all too often that something seems too difficult to attempt or too difficult to maintain. So, I never get past the point of thinking about it. Well, in his Ted talk, “Try Something New for 30 Days,” Matt Cutts talks about how the solution to that problem is to create 30 day challenges for yourself.

By creating 30 day challenges you make whatever you are targeting seem more manageable. For example, it sounds easier to stop eating sugar for 30 days than to stop forever. While 30 days seems more manageable, he argues that it is also about the right length of time to take that very thing you are attempting in the challenge and turn it into a habit. That’s pretty powerful. He also says that doing these 30 day challenges has had another side benefit for him. It has increased his confidence because of everything he has been able to conquer.

I can see the benefit of the way Matt targets these challenges as 30 days. The key to their success though is that you need to want to accomplish your challenge. Otherwise, you will fail. Also, for some people, a bit of accountability is necessary. It’s easy to get derailed on a goal, even if it is only a 30 day goal. To test out Matt’s system, I’m going to plan a 30 day challenge for myself for May. I don’t trust myself if I don’t make myself accountable though. So, I’ll probably tell my wife about my challenge and then post it on Twitter. If I give daily updates, that should keep me on track. Hopefully, that will help me to form some new habits that can spark some changes in my life.

Check out Matt’s talk to gain a little inspiration for yourself!

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