Open RoadUsually when I drive anywhere, I entertain myself by listening to one of the podcasts that I subscribe to. Recently, however, I trimmed back the number of podcasts that I am subscribed to. That afforded me a moment of quiet to just be. Being who I am, that turned into a moment of introspection. I thought about how I was doing and not just what I was doing at that moment. That doesn’t sound like a big thing and it wasn’t what I was going for when I trimmed down on the podcasts that I am subscribed to, but I think it was a happy byproduct of it.

Having that time available to me to consider where I was in my goals for the day, the week and the quarter was important. It allowed me to come up with a few areas I needed to double down on and some areas that I needed to consider reprioritizing. While it’s great to be heads down sometimes or to be spending quality time with the family, it is also important to have some time to yourself with no tasks to work on. That allows time for your mind to free associate or some time for introspection. Both are also time well spent. I’m going to make sure I have more of that type of time on a regular basis.

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