More Coffee Anyone?

Cup of coffeeThe common wisdom out there seems to be that we all drink too much coffee and that we should all drink less of it. I personally, don’t drink coffee everyday, but that’s for personal reasons. I prefer the taste of tea and at the rate I drink beverages, coffee starts to really hit me after awhile. I can just feel the caffeine humming in my veins. So, rather than drink less beverages or alternate beverages, I keep my insulated cup filled with loose leaf tea.

If your coffee drinking is less because of perceived health reasons, I stumbled across an article on Lifehacker that references multiple studies that their might actually be a lot of health benefits to drinking coffee. The article is careful to make it known that a lot of the data is purely correlative and not necessarily causative, but it’s still an interesting read. I don’t suggest using it as a reason to drink more coffee, but maybe it’s a reason for some people not to give up on it altogether. Or maybe it’s just a reason to feel a little better about the coffee habit you already have.

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