Netflix: Company Culture Done Right

I think about company culture quite often when I think about how I feel about a business I’m working for, working with or that I’m a customer of. Company culture isn’t just a couple buzzwords. They define a company for its management, their employees, their partners and their customers. Company culture informs every interaction with a business and inside the business. That’s what makes it one of the single most important areas for a business to focus on.

Many businesses go through the motions of defining a company culture. Others merely give lip service to the fact that a strong company culture is important. For the most part though, company culture is just something that happens to a company organically. That can turn out well or not. Usually though, it results in an inconsistent company culture at best. The experience in one part of the company could be vastly different than in another part of the company. At worst, the company culture can be completely at odds with the stated goals of the company.

Well, Netflix doesn’t fall into those traps. They focused on company culture early on. Not only did they focus on it, they kept their actual company culture aligned with their stated company culture by staying true to their company culture in hiring, firing and in crafting their work environment. If you want to get a good look at their company culture, their CEO Reed Hastings put out a slideshow outlining their company culture and how they deliver on it. You can find it embedded below. Let me know if you found their presentation compelling and, if so, what was most compelling to you about it?

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