There’s No Third Chance

Thumbs DownSome people say that there’s no second chance to make a first impression. According to a study commissioned by Compuware, when it comes to buggy apps, you might get a second chance, but it will also be your last chance. Period. In the study, they found that only 16% of people would try a buggy app more than twice. Want to kill your budding app? Put out a buggy version and potentially lose 84% of the people that try it before you get it fixed.

Think that a mobile web app is your better option because they’re quicker to fix and don’t need to be approved by Apple (for your iOS version)?  Well the study says that users don’t agree. Out of the people polled, 85% said they preferred native apps to web apps. So, if you’re afraid of what might happen if you put out a buggy app, I have one word for you. Good. Start simple, test that app thoroughly with every device that will be able to run it and make sure it’ll work with no problems. You might get a second chance, but what if that second chance is given before you fix it?

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