The Problems With Startups

If you’re wondering what’s wrong with startups these days, check out Vooza, the world’s most unbelievable tech startup. It’s a satire about startups; complete with strange names, ridiculous pivots and data stealing business models.  The scary part? I almost believe that it could exist. Learn all about their “Radimparency” in the video below. That’s radical, impactful, transparency if you don’t have time to watch the video and the curiosity is eating you alive.

If you do have the time, watch the video and be honest with yourself. If some of it strikes you as hitting close to home, evaluate that area of your startup and make some changes, if necessary. A ridiculous startup will have a much harder time succeeding. If you’re in the clear, enjoy the video. The life of an entrepreneur can be rough.  But, at least you’re not faking your way through a startup like a lot of the so-called entrepreneurs attempting to cash in on another tech mashup.


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