woman workingSince it’s late on Saturday and I’m still trying to figure out what area I need to work on in my life for next week, my decision was made automatically. Next week’s area of focus is: procrastination! So, I’ll spend this week ruthlessly fighting my tendency to procrastinate on certain tasks. Hopefully, making this my area of focus will mean that next week will be a week of prompt action and an utter lack of time wasting procrastination.

Do I think that likely? No, but I do hope to make some real progress in an area that is a problem for me and a lot of other people. Think about how much work you have to do. Now think about how much time you have spent procrastinating. If you’re honest with yourself, you would probably realize that you might have a much smaller amount of surplus work if you applied most of the time you spent procrastinating to that work. Whatever, you say? Everybody procrastinates?

I can tell you that not everyone procrastinates. My wife is the antiprocrastinator. I can’t tell you the last time I saw her waste a single minute. You know what that translates into? An amazing level of accomplishment and a pile of completed tasks behind her that are way larger than the tasks waiting ahead of her. I am constantly amazed at her ability to chew through work. Does it tire her out? Yes. Then she consciously takes a break before moving on to the next thing. That is one of the many areas where she is inspirational to me. I won’t go into any of the other areas here. I’m going to think about her every time I’m tempted to procrastinate (as if I don’t already) and I’ll use that in my self improvement quest this week,

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