Q1 Completion Update


It’s time for the first quarter completion update(sort of, I’ll explain below):

  • Exercise: On track
  • Meditation: Derailed
  • Coding Courses: Slightly behind
  • Paid Writing: On track
  • Editing: On track
  • This Blog: On schedule
  • Product Development: Behind schedule
  • Parental Responsibilities: On track
  • House Renovations: On Track

This is a bit of a strange update. I was supposed to be doing ten week self improvement programs. I had classes lined up and goals set. Then, part way through this first quarter(as I was calling it), I jumped into a startup engineering course put on by Stanford through Coursera. There were two problems with that. The first is that it derailed the courses that I was already taking. The second, is that it won’t end until midway through my next planned quarter. So, saying I’m on or off track with courses is now harder to gauge. So, to handle a bunch of summer complications, I’m going to start my next quarter the week of August 11.

There are a few reasons for that date. First, the renovations to the garage can realistically be done by then along with some shelving and storage issues needed to move everything back in that needs to get moved back in. Second, it will give me some extra time to take my oldest son to do some educational activities during the four days he is between preschool and kindergarten without his little brother, who will still be in preschool. And last, my birthday is two days after kindergarten starts, so I might as well take two days without pressure on myself. I’ll consider it my summer break(sort of).

Now, all that being said, I’m still going to be working on the startup engineering course that whole time, I’ll still be exercising and doing almost everything I’ve been doing. I’ll just be letting go of the guilt of not being on track with those areas I haven’t been on track with. At least until the week of August 11. By that time, I should have eliminated enough speed bumps to allow me to get back up to speed.

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