Right Space, Right Time

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 3.52.34 PMThe key to success is often being somewhere at just the right time. That takes a lot of luck, a lot of foresight or a little of both. In the case of Feedly, I think it was the latter.  According to Feedly’s blog, they picked up over 500,000 Google Reader users in 48 hours, due to Google’s announcement of the impending closure of Google Reader. As a result, they had to increase their bandwidth by 10x and add more servers.

From what I’ve heard, Feedly’s service was a bit slow under the sudden crush of new users, but I’m sure they’ll get all of that straightened out with time. Especially since, unlike many of the other services proposing themselves as options, Feedly has been working on creating a replacement for Google Reader’s API, which they call Normandy. That will allow users who switch to Feedly before July 1st to make a seamless transition. How’s that for being in the right place at the right time?

As impressed as I am with Feedly, I haven’t switched over to their service yet. Since there are still a few months until Google Reader is shut down, I’m going to wait at least a month to see how all the different services shake out and to let Feedly stabilize their service a bit. I will, however, take the lesson they have given me to heart and focus even harder on trying to be where the ball is going, rather than on where it is now.

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