Startup Weekend: Monterey Bay (Day 3)

Startup Weekend Monterey Bay


The weekend has wrapped up, so I guess a wrap up is in order. First off, we didn’t win. We didn’t deserve to, frankly. Not based on our idea, but on our pitch. We just weren’t able to hone it down to the essence of our company. I guess that came down to the fact that it was such a big idea and needed a little more time to flesh out properly for the judges than we had time. Five minutes isn’t very long and two days isn’t a lot of time to work on a pitch, let alone understand and refine a complex idea and design an MVP, as well.

So, am I disappointed that we didn’t win? Yes, of course I am. Am I disheartened? No. I guess I just really believe in the core of the idea, at least the way that I understand it at this time. Like I said, a weekend is not a long time to work on an idea. Luckily, the other three guys on the team I joined (yes they were all guys for some reason), seem interested in continuing on with the idea. So, hopefully things will continue on from here and I’ll be able to check in later with an update with where we are with the project.

So, what was my takeaway from the weekend? Entrepreneurs are passionate and irrational. So, I guess I fit in. As for those who are successful? I think that group is composed of those who take those entrepreneurial virtues and use them to prove to everyone else that not only were they passionate and irrational, but…they were also right.

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