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Doing graphsSince I’m sick today and working late into the night doesn’t seem like the best idea, I decided to write this update to tell everyone how I’m doing early on in week 3 of my self directed course of study. Well, so far so good. As always, starting something new requires you to achieve a head of steam before you start making a lot of progress. It feels like I’m doing that nicely.


Completed an intro to Ruby class and an intro to Rails class. I have just started an intro to Objective C class. So, at the moment, I’m doing a class a week. Since I’m early on, this feels like a good pace, but the classes are easier at the beginning. I hope to pick it up a bit and start completing harder classes in the same timeframe. Eventually, I think the classes will get involved enough to require 2-3 weeks to complete.


I’ve been doing some reading on Ruby in addition to my daily diet of technology and business news. I’ve been pretty good about the news, but a little less good about the Ruby reading. I hope to change that by scheduling that into my day better, rather than just reading as time presents itself.

Area of Improvement:

The first area of improvement: Focus, was a success and I feel like I have continued to find ways to improve on it since week 1. My work on focus also reaped some benefits on week 2’s area: Procrastination. Procrastination has been a harder one for me to work on, but it hasn’t been about putting off work. My problem has been one of prioritization. That has led to me jumping around a little too much and the result feels like procrastination. To fix that, I’m creating a list of daily tasks and a schedule for when I’ll work on each. That feeds into Week 3’s area, which is: Productivity. I feel like I need to find ways to make my workday as productive as possible. So, I’m going to work on ways to streamline things a bit and become more productive.

Next Project:

This is the area that has probably suffered the most. I’m still in more of a brainstorming mode with the project. I hope to do something a little more concrete starting later this week though.

All in all, it’s been a decent two and a half week, but 25% of the way through my first 10 week course of study, I would like to be further along. So, I’m turning things up a notch!

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