Sticking to Your Guns

Sheriff's GunEveryone is very impressed by people who stick to their guns. Rightly so. It is an admirable trait to stand up for what you believe in, despite criticism. At least it’s admirable to a point. Sometimes, you’re going to be wrong. As an entrepreneur you have to be open to that possibility and constantly be open to facts and evolving circumstances that might point to that possibility.

If you stick to your guns despite all the evidence pointing to you being wrong, the greatest likelihood is that you will be gunned down where you stand. I’ve seen it happen many times. While it’s a great feeling to be vindicated as right when everyone else believed you were wrong, it’s not worth ignoring everyone, so that you have a chance for that to be the case. Don’t set your mind on a course and close your senses off from further facts.

Just because the facts say that you have to change course doesn’t mean you’re any less impressive of an entrepreneur. The most impressive ones are the ones that succeed, not the ones that are stubborn. So, by all means, stick to your guns as long as you are right. But be open to the possibility that you might not be right, so that you can capitalize on new opportunities and succeed, rather than fail out of stubbornness and hubris.

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