Suitcase Startup – Raising Financing

I checked back in to see how Chris Bradley was doing with his web show Suitcase Startup and his company Publicate. This week the focus was on raising financing. It was a moderately interesting episode to watch if you haven’t heard many VC’s speak about how they choose who they invest in. Unfortunately, I’d already heard all the tips given. Here’s a short list for anyone interested.

  1. They invest in teams not ideas.
  2. They invest in people they feel like they could work with.
  3. Ideas aren’t important. Execution is important.
  4. It’s best to get an introduction from someone the VC trusts.
  5. Meeting VC’s at events can often be better than calling to get a meeting because they can get a better feel of who you are in a more social/less business setting.

If you’re really interested in how VC’s think, I recommend checking out Jason Calacanis’s podcast This Week In Startups, or Mark Suster’s blog, Both Sides of the Table.

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