Suitcase Startup – Marketing

I checked back in to see how Chris Bradley was doing with his web show Suitcase Startup and his company Publicate. This week the focus was on marketing on a shoestring budget. The main findings of the episode were that you just have to create a product that delivers value and give the people that use it a way to promote it for you. That way, you can develop strong organic growth like Instagram. If you want to watch the episode, I’ll embed it below.

I agree with what was said in the episode, but I don’t think it went far enough. If you truly want strong growth, you’ll have to do more than make people like your product and talk about it. You have to utterly delight people, so that they bring your product up in normal conversations. They need to have your product be such a part of their lives that people will see them using it just as a matter of course. Then when people ask about the product, they’ll be very passionate about why they use it and they will be your greatest salespeople. Easy to do? No. Essential? Yes.

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