Suitcase Startup – Overwhelming

It’s time to check in with Chris Bradley of Publicate halfway through his Suitcase Startup quest. This installment was a whirlwind. The major feeling I got from it was that Chris is overwhelmed at the enormity of everything he needs to do to build his startup in a very short time. That issue is exacerbated by his decision to head to SXSW. I can’t agree that he’s making a great use of his time by adding that event to his current workload, but who knows, it might pan out for him. I just can’t imagine that the benefits of the trip will outweigh the costs. Luckily, we’ll have a better idea of that in a couple weeks when the next episode comes out.

During this episode, Chris did get another interesting insight from Shaa Wasmund of She told Chris that she wouldn’t cofound a startup with anyone that she wouldn’t want to spend the weekend with. She argued that since you spend a lot of time working, you shouldn’t choose to work with someone you wouldn’t enjoy being around. I think that’s great advice for many reasons.

First off, you don’t want to dread every day of work because a startup is hard enough without adding in someone that you don’t enjoy working with in even the best circumstances. Second, it’s really hard to build a supportive work environment/culture around people who don’t even like being around each other. Third, people tend to like people with similar values and interests. If you don’t share those, how will you be able to agree on what to build?

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