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Create In the Dark, Scrutinize In the Light

I read an article today on discussing how creativity is effected by lighting. They referenced a study from the Journal of Environmental Psychology┬áthat was looking into the role of the workplace environment on workplace productivity. In their study, they found that when standard overhead work lights were dimmed, the study participants experienced a higher… Read more »

Bored? Good. Time to be Creative!

Do you remember when you were a kid sitting at home and you would tell your mom or dad that you were bored? Me, too. In my house, that would lead to me being given something tedious to clean. I quickly learned to find something to do to keep myself occupied. Often, that was reading,… Read more »

Try A Different Angle

I’m always searching for new ways to enhance my creativity. I’ve found that looking at a problem from as many angles as possible can be very helpful for that. Taking that approach has helped me to come up with some creative solutions in the past. Another approach that has helped is to step away from… Read more »