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Netflix: Company Culture Done Right

I think about company culture quite often when I think about how I feel about a business I’m working for, working with or that I’m a customer of. Company culture isn’t just a couple buzzwords. They define a company for its management, their employees, their partners and their customers. Company culture informs every interaction with… Read more »

Communicating While Delegating

One thing has been made clear to me over the years. Communication is not as simple as telling someone something. It isn’t about what you say, it’s about what they hear or how they interpret what you say. Jessica Stillman wrote an article about this phenomenon for and her take was that when you… Read more »

5 Commandments of Management

After yesterday’s post, I spent some time thinking about the differences between the poor and the great managers that I have worked with in the past. From those reflections, I created a list of the essential traits of a great manager. They aren’t listed in some magical order, so don’t worry about where they are… Read more »

Don’t Be A Horrible Boss

I came across a great article on Inc. today by Geoffrey James. It listed 9 core beliefs of horrible bosses. I’m sharing this as a bit of a public service. Most of the core beliefs he list sound horrible to those managers who know how to manage well, but even they sometimes run afoul of a… Read more »