Twitter Bots: A Programming/API Learning Exercise

Robotic BirdIf you’re on Twitter and have a Wolfram Alpha style question, such as “What is the distance between Los Angeles and Lisbon?” or “How much rainfall does Honolulu get?” then the Dear Assistant Twitter bot is what you’re looking for. The Next Web alerted me to this cool little bot, but more importantly, they alerted me to it’s creator Amit Agarwal.

Amit wrote up a post on how to create a Twitter bot like the one that he created. The most interesting thing about the post is that he says that you only need five minutes to create one. Five minutes. That’s all. I know a project that I just moved high up my to-do list for when I have an hour or so. It would be fun to hack together something useful and fun that I could use in conjunction with Twitter. Plus, it would be a great little project to get people looking at some simple programming and at how to work with APIs. So, if you’re interested in either, give it a try!

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