Week 1 Review

calendarNow that Week 1 of Q1  of my life pivot is complete, I am keeping myself honest by checking in here. As expected in week one of anything, I’m not exactly where I want to be yet. I did accomplish more than I have been accomplishing on a weekly basis, which is good, but not sufficient.

The true bright spot is that this past week I started setting the stage for the rest of the quarter. I set the tone by putting some processes in place to facilitate success, eliminating some time wasters and building a little momentum with all my tasks. Plus, last week I enrolled my kids in two additional days of preschool, which they will be starting tomorrow. So, that means that they’re going from 3 days of preschool a week to 5. For them, that means more fun. What does that mean for me? Seven more hours of quiet work time from my home office. That’s what that means!

Now this week, the goal is to really ratchet up my productivity. With some time wasters out of the way, a set schedule and a few more quiet hours to work, this should be a great time to build momentum. Since I’m going to be working on procrastination this week, that should help to keep that issue from claiming the time I have cleared for myself and really help me to make some large strides. Well, enough procrastinating! Time for me to get back to some Ruby on Rails training!

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