Week 10 Status Update


I’m going to stick with the quick status update for this week:

  • Exercise: On track
  • Meditation: Derailed
  • Coding Courses: Slightly behind
  • Paid Writing: On track
  • Editing: On track
  • This Blog: Behind schedule (changing)
  • Product Development: Behind schedule
  • Parental Responsibilities: On track
  • House Renovations: On Track

Things are going fairly well. Exercise is proceeding apace. Meditation has been pushed out of consideration temporarily. That comes more from where I am focus wise rather than time. I need to fix that, but last week and this week were not and will not be the weeks I fix that. I’m pushing that to possibly next week. Right now I have only been working on a single coding course. That’s because the startup engineering course is time based with homework and classes, so that has made the other classes hard to fit in in any meaningful way. So, I have done a little of one of the other courses, but not enough progress to mention. As for writing on this blog, I’m temporarily going down to this update and maybe another post a week until I can get past some additional responsibilities related to the house renovations.

House renovations are back on track. The current project is the complete renovation of a garage that is over 90 years old. It needed foundation, electrical, window work, trim work, drywall, paint, etc. It would be hard to do more work on that small building without tearing it down. In fact, tearing it down and rebuilding would probably have been easier, but would have destroyed a historic structure. I’m not doing most of the work, but I’ve been coordinating it. I have also been doing some exterior repair work and prep for painting the past week. That has been a surprising amount of work. There are numerous cracks, split boards, gaps and holes that all needed to be repaired. I still have quite a bit of that to do. That is eating in to some of my time, but it needs to be done and once that space is reclaimed, I will be able to work on certain projects more efficiently. More on that another time if it becomes relevant here.

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