Week 6 Review

Business Men Running 100 MeterI don’t really want to post this update, but that makes it a good time to do so for many reasons. Updates are only useful if you do them regularly, no matter the circumstances.  Like most people, I like to give updates when I’m firing on all cylinders and everything is on track. Right now, most of the cylinders are firing at peak efficiency, but not all. I need to speed up a bit in the courses I’m taking. I’m not behind, but I was hoping that I would have gotten a little bit ahead of schedule. My writing goal of three times a week seems eminently doable, but I feel like it is sometimes interrupting my flow. I’ll be looking at ways to tweak that. My goal of developing a product prototype by year end feels a bit behind. That’s a much more difficult goal to quantify as far as percentage complete, but my feeling that I should be farther ahead is enough to make me unhappy with how that is progressing.

My exercise and meditation goals were inexplicably derailed for a little while when I got sick. I blame that on being a little slower at working and a little bit too uncomfortable at the time to do either in an enjoyable manner. So, those areas are points of weakness for sure. I’ll start fixing those today.

So, my overall assessment? At the moment I’m constantly scrambling to keep on track and just managing to do so. I guess I can look at that as having set a hard, but doable goal, but I have a tendency to look at that as a loss. Why the negativity? Well, while some people set easy goals and therefore have an easy time meeting them, I tend to set incredibly hard goals and then I’m constantly behind. Part of my task in this course was to set reasonable parameters, so that I could achieve the results I wanted without sacrificing all my personal time. While I haven’t sacrificed all my personal time, I think I set a couple goals a little more aggressively than I should have. At the very least, it has pushed me to get more done, which is a good thing.

I’ve checked my lap time at the half way point of my first 10 week course and I’m a little behind pace. So, I’m upping my speed. I can start to feel myself getting my second wind, which is what always happens for me in the same situation when I’m running. Let’s see if that will translate here as well. It feels like it isand that is a good feeling to have right now. See you at the finish line!

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