Week 8 Status Update


I’m going to stick with the quick status update for this week:

  • Exercise: On track
  • Meditation: Losing focus
  • Coding Courses: Slightly behind
  • Paid Writing: On track
  • Editing: On track
  • This Blog: On track
  • Product Development: Behind schedule
  • Parental Responsibilities: On track
  • House Renovations: On schedule

Things are going well. Exercise is humming along. I haven’t stepped it up to the next level yet, but it is firmly on track to remaining a routine. Meditation has somehow gotten forced out of my early morning routine. I’ll be working this week to move it back on. My coding courses are slightly behind. Notice the bold s at the end there. I added a startup engineering course from Coursera that I mentioned in a previous blog post. I also added a design course that I’ll mention later if I enjoy it. So, that trifecta takes more time than a single course, but I’m trying to push all three forward since the two new courses are on a fixed schedule and are being offered right now. Well, I have homework due soon, so I better get to it!

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