Week 9 Status Update


I’m going to stick with the quick status update for this week:

  • Exercise: On track
  • Meditation: Lost focus
  • Coding Courses: Slightly behind
  • Paid Writing: On track
  • Editing: On track
  • This Blog: Barely on track
  • Product Development: Behind schedule
  • Parental Responsibilities: On track
  • House Renovations: Behind schedule

Things are going well. Exercise is humming along. The exercise had become a routine with some help from my wife joining in.(She can always be counted on to join in where exercise is concerned.) Meditation is still out of my early morning routine due to a sense of urgency to put some other areas back on track. Once those areas aren’t driving me so much, I’ll start this week to move meditation back into the schedule. The key is going to be to just do it as the first task of my work day. My coding courses are slightly behind. That’s only because I put two of them on hold while I worked on the Startup Engineering course. There were a few areas in the prerequisites for the course that I was rusty on, so that meant a little extra work to get up to speed. Feeling pretty good about that now. I should be able to start working in more of the other courses again this week.

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