Well, Developers, iOS or Android?

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It’s a no brainer these days, isn’t it? I hear over and over. The iPhone and iOS are dead and soon the iPad will be too. The onslaught of Android and Samsung has obliterated them and their closed ecosystem. Ditch iOS and develop for Android!  Well, according to research from Canalys, that might still be the wrong assumption.

Regardless of the fact that Android seems to have higher market penetration, 74% of app revenue is still being earned on the iOS platform. I guess that serves as a good reminder that while it’s important to pay close attention to the numbers, it’s also important that you pay attention to the right numbers.

That being said, developers still need to pay close attention to Android. It is still growing and it will be especially important in emerging markets. Plus, 26% of the revenues are still outside of iOS. While’s that’s only a third of what iOS enjoys, that’s still $572 million for Q1 of 2013. There were developers that survived for years providing apps for the Mac when it had less than a 5% share of the market. So, over a quarter of the revenues and (probably) growing isn’t a bad place to be either. Just don’t go believing every bit of research you see proclaiming iOS as dead. That’s a bit premature.

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