Words Matter! Edit Your Writing!

Proofreading spelled wrong on blackboardToday’s post is a huge pet peeve of mine. It looks like people no longer care about spelling and grammar on the internet. For some people it almost seems like a point of pride that their writing looks like it was composed by a third grader. Some people even purposefully affect mistakes to look “cool.” Here’s a secret; nobody is impressed. In fact, a lot of people that matter are going to be put off if you can’t take the time to write correctly.

We live in a time where there are both spelling and grammar checkers. There is no excuse for grammar and spelling mistakes. As for typos, what those show is that your audience is so unimportant that not only could you not be bothered to reread your prose a single time, you also couldn’t be bothered to heed the squiggly lines that your writing editor is throwing up warning you about your mistakes.

Clean up your writing people. Even if you believe that some people will find your mistakes “cool,” do you really believe that those same people would write you off if you didn’t make mistakes? Of course not. The majority of people who don’t think spelling and grammar errors are “cool”, on the other hand, will write you off if you can’t be bothered to proofread and correct your writing. So, put in a little effort in your writing or people won’t believe that you put in any effort in any of the work you do.

(Can you find the mistake in the article? If you couldn’t then this article was probably edited enough. If you could, then leave the mistake in the comments below.)

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