You Need to Hustle!

Tonx CoffeeWhen you are a startup, it isn’t enough just to show up and work. You really need to hustle. You need to be willing to engage with current and potential customers and see why they purchase your product or why they don’t. A lot of companies talk a good game when it comes to this, but the ones that really do it are few and far between. So, when I run into one, I’m always impressed. This past week, I ran into just such a one.

I heard about a service called Tonx that sources coffee beans, roasts them and sends them within 24 hours of roasting. It’s a subscription service that sends you the beans every other week from different growers. They have a free trial on the website. I went through most of the sign up process on their website, but bailed before signing up for the service. For most companies, that would be where the story ended. For Tonx though, that wasn’t the case. I think it was the next day, I received an email from someone on the Tonx team. It was a form email reaching out to me because I didn’t complete the sign up process and pointing me to some links about the service and offering to answer any of my questions if I had any.

Since I believe that every startup can use as much feedback as possible and because I’m working on one now myself (albeit in the very early stages and very stealth), I shot her back a quick email. In the email, I told her why I hadn’t completed the process, thanked her for the email and wished her good luck. I wasn’t expecting anything to come of that, but I was hoping that the information might be of use to Tonx in some way. As a thank you and to hopefully gain me as a customer, she emailed me back, thanked me for the input and told me that they had shipped me out a free sample.

I received the free sample the other day and gave it a try with my wife this morning. I have to say that it was an outstanding product. I’m not a coffee connoisseur, by any means, but the coffee made me want to be. It had a fantastic aroma and a wonderfully balanced taste. If I had a higher end blender and had used a french press, I imagine I would have had an even better experience. However, even with a blade grinder and a drip coffee maker, my wife and I really enjoyed the coffee. The taste of the coffee and the hustle of the company both impressed us and we’re strongly considering signing up for a subscription. If you love great coffee, go check them out!

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