You Snooze, You Lose!

Have you ever hit the snooze button to get a few more minutes of sleep? Many people do it. I never really understood the practice.  That’s mainly because I always set my clock as late as I could afford to get up. If your goal is to get more sleep, that seemed to make the most sense to me. Well, according to a video from AsapSCIENCE, I’m mostly right.  The video says that you’re better off getting up when your alarm first goes off. The alarm breaks up your sleep and if you go back to sleep, you’ll end up in a deeper sleep state when you next wake up, making you even more groggy.

I have a friend who used to swear by his snooze button. I think it was a combo of his habit of never getting enough sleep and the belief that if he didn’t hit the snooze, he’d fall asleep again and not wake up in time. For him, I would recommend hitting the snooze as he tries to struggle awake. At least if he failed, he would have the alarm to save him from oversleeping. As for me, I’ll try to get my sleep schedule a little more regular as the video recommends. That way I can get the best results from the sleep I do get. Watch the video for a couple more tips.

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